Asian Mental Health Collective


It is our vision here at Asian Mental Health Collective is to raise awareness, promote mental health care, and challenge the stigma around mental illness amongst Asian Diasporic communities worldwide.



With the rapid development and focus on personal well-being in individualistic societies, people are now more aware than ever of the detrimental effects of poor mental health and mental illnesses. However, as members of the Asian Diaspora, often there are strong cultural underpinnings to our experiences that go unaddressed. Mental health issues do not exist in individuals only, and this is especially true for people whom come from cultures that idealize the collective. Experiences guided by the ideals of face, achievement, and filial piety are woven throughout the fabric of our understanding of the world. Interwoven with generations of exposure to trauma, these ideals, while not inherently unhealthy, are often expressed in ways that create dissonance for the children of the diaspora who live in increasingly globalized societies. It is becoming more apparent that there is a generational and cultural rift between Asian families, with mental health coming to the forefront of many discussions as a result.

AMHC hopes to bridge that gap.

We do not need - or want - to do away with centuries of culture, language, ritual, food, and tradition for the sake of mental health. We at AMHC believe in integrating our shared backgrounds and express our collectivistic ideals while respecting the agency of the individual. It all begins with understanding. Through projects such as our Facebook group, resource library, web-series, and media partners, we hope to not only provide mental health support, but also facilitate the difficult conversations we need to have to move forward together.