Growing up, mental health has been something I struggled with at a young age. I remembered the times where I would feel trapped, isolated and feeling as if I didn’t matter. The memories are sometimes flashbacks where it flushes the pain back into the parts where it hurts me the most emotionally. I developed a lot of anxiety and depression, which I still continue to battle all the time. My parents became the reason why I always shut myself out, distancing myself from a young age as I faced a lot of traumatic experiences that have affected me throughout my life and still continue to do so. I don’t think anyone is alone in any of it, people may share similar experiences as I do. I used to be so negative, depressed and at my worst, but over the years I’ve learned to care less, wanting to do whats best for me and being positive throughout my life. I had to heal, to learn and grow on my own. I think finding and connecting with others to share similar experiences allow me to feel understood and I feel this group helps me feel less alone in all my situations.

Asian Mental Health Collective