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May 6th, 2023
12:30 - 6:30PM EST

Recording available on YouTube!

– Cambridge Dictionary

"Transformation" —
a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that thing or person is improved.

We are excited to be presenting our 3rd annual virtual TransformAsian conference. Each year, our goal is to connect the Asian community across all walks of life as a way to support mental health journeys. We chose “TransformAsian” to embody our belief in the power of change, and the importance of celebrating radical healing and recovery.

Our theme for this year is “Mixed Realities and Blended Spaces: Leveraging the Digital Era in Normalizing Mental Health.” In light of an ever-encompassing digital world, please join us as we navigate the intersection between rapid changes in technology and our wellness. 



12:30PM EST


12:45PM EST

Keynote Speaker 

1:00PM EST


2:00PM EST

Panel 1: Mental Health and Advocacy via Artist Mediums & Digital Media

2:15PM EST


3:15PM EST

Panel 2: Technology and Mental Health

3:30PM EST


4:30PM EST

Panel 3: Managing Wellness in Content Creation/Digital Spaces

4:45PM EST


5:45PM EST


Transformasian 23 keynote speaker, Wesley Chan-- Wong Fu Productions cofounder

Wesley Chan,
Cofounder of Wong Fu Productions

Wesley Chan is a Chinese American filmmaker and cofounder of Wong Fu Productions, a pioneering independent digital media company recognized for 20 years of storytelling with emotional depth and authentic representation of Asian Americans.

Panel 1

Mental Health and Advocacy via Artist Mediums & Digital Media

How can we leverage creative platforms to discuss Asian advocacy and mental health awareness?
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headshot of Zoë Cain

Zoë Cain

headshot of Jason Chu

Jason Chu

headshot of Dr. Kelly Tran

Dr. Kelly Tran

headshot of Ryan Alexander Holmes

Ryan Alexander Holmes

headshot of Transformasian Panel 1 moderator, Christian de Luna

Christian de Luna

Panel 2

Technological Approaches to Mental Health

What is the role of tech in aiding mental health?
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headshot of Nancy Su

Nancy Su

headshot of Michelle Liu

Michelle Liu

headshot of Dumeetha Luthra

Dumeetha Luthra

headshot of Yin J. Li

Yin J. Li

moderator of Panel 2 for Transformasian23, Justine Bautista

Justine Bautista

Panel 3

Influencers: Managing Wellness in Content Creation

Influencers share their journeys through navigating wellness and self-care in the digital era of content creation.
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headshot of Sam Hyun

Sam Hyun

headshot of Jonah Sahn

Jonah Sahn

headshot of Rumi Hooshmand

Rumi Hooshmand

headshot of Ed Choi

Ed Choi

headshot of Kimmy Wu, panel 3 moderator for Transformasian 23

Kimmy Wu


Meditation and Music

 Asian folx bringing calm and empowerment.

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headshot of Linda Thai, meditation performer for TransformAsian 2023

Linda Thai

headshot of Jason Chu

Jason Chu

Evie Joy

The Filharmonic

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