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Primary Office Location: Thousand Oaks, California
Telehealth States Served: California
Feeling emotionally and physically overwhelmed is a common experience, and it's important to recognize that you're not alone in this. My promise to you is a safe, non-judgmental space, with you as the expert on your journey and me walking alongside offering research-backed strategies like EMDR.
Primary Office Location: Studio City, California
Telehealth States Served: California
Primary Office Location: Los Alamitos, California
Telehealth States Served: California
Whether you're tired of always putting pressure on yourself, grappling with questions about the meaning of your existence, feeling conflicted with navigating between your heritages and the expectations of others, or simply struggling to trust that you are enough - then this is the place for you.
Languages: English, Vietnamese
Primary Office Location: Los Angeles, California
Telehealth States Served: California
Hello! my name is Lee. I support adult children of immigrants, interracial/multicultural couples, and adult ADHD with generational traumas. I came from an Asian immigrant and multicultural background and want to support my clients to understand multicultural perspective in our lives. Thank you!
Languages: English, Korean
Primary Office Location: Seattle, Washington
Telehealth States Served: Washington
I am currently accepting new clients! I work with individuals and couples, both in-person and via telehealth. As a psychodynamic clinician, I really value depth-oriented work for long term change and growth.
Primary Office Location: Sierra Madre, California
Telehealth States Served: California
I'm ethnically Chinese and grew up in Malaysia. My own healing journey led me to this meaningful work, I have sat on both sides of the therapy chair-As a patient and as a therapist. My style is relational, warm, and collaborative. I offer both in-person and virtual sessions.
Languages: English, Mandarin
Primary Office Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
Telehealth States Served: South Dakota, Nebraska
Primary Office Location: queens, New York
Telehealth States Served: New York
Humaira Naushad is a Sri Lankan-American therapist who works with students and working professionals from New York who are experiencing anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and racial/cultural identity issues. Humaira guides clients in therapy to present the best version of themselves!
Languages: English, Tamil, Sinhalese
Primary Office Location: San Francisco, California
Telehealth States Served: California
Are you struggling with family conflicts and looking for trauma therapy? Do you have memories that are so painful? Let me help! I offer trauma-focused relational therapy and EMDR therapy. You can start feeling safe and confident again through therapy with me.
Languages: English, Korean
Primary Office Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Telehealth States Served: California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida
My approach is based on Somatic Experiencing (SE), Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), and Internal Family Systems (IFS), which are mind/body modalities. I also practice insomnia psychotherapy using the CBT for Insomnia (CBT-I) approach.
Languages: English
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