Welcome to Self Care Stories, a blog series showcasing how different people take care of themselves around the world. In our lives, we often forget to prioritize our own well-being. We hope that by reading these stories, you feel inspired to build your own self-care routines because your own care is important.

Meet Sally!

What's your background?

I am currently 21 years old undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. When I was 10 years old, my family and I immigrated from Beijing, China to Toronto, Canada. In my free time, I like to go to the gym and read.

What's your definition of self-care or what does self-care mean to you?

To me, self-care is taking any steps towards being or feeling better. It doesn't have to be complicated; self-care could be many things from meditation to simply removing oneself from another's presence.

Tell me your story. How do you practice self-care in your life?

I mostly practice self-care through meditation and surrounding myself with good energy. My meditations can take different forms. Some days, I will have experience deep meditations where it can last for 30-45 minutes, but other days I will just take 5 minutes to take some deep breaths and check in with myself. I find that meditation calms my anxiety and soothes my nerves. I'm mostly referring to people when I say "surrounding myself with good energy.” I love to be around people who I can talk about profound things with and just pour my heart out with. These are the kind of friendships/relationships where no ulterior motives are present, where both of you are naturally the best version of yourselves when you're around each other, and there is much compassion in the relationship. 

What makes taking care of yourself so important to you?

I identify as a HSP (highly sensitive person), which is someone who is extra sensitive to people and surroundings. Often times when I get easily anxious and overwhelmed, the self-care practices help me take a step back from it all and calm down.

If you had advice to give someone else on practicing self-care, what would it be?

Do what works for you! Try everything and go with what works or what feels right. I have also learned over the years that if it costs too much, it's probably not worth. Effective self-care practices usually do not require excessive consumption.

This series was created in collaboration with Self Caid. To find out more information on how to build a self-care routine, check out them out here.

Jed Chun