Stella Wang

I had always been numb. I felt like a machine that devoured knowledge and produced perfect grades. And absolutely nothing else, including my happiness, had the space to exist.

For the longest time, I felt that sharing my emotions, my struggles, and my real feelings is unwanted and off-putting. I worked hard, crushed my goals, and bothered no one in my life. I had it together, but I was not happy.

It took a long time but gradually I learned how to be nice and kind to myself. I valued my own emotions, imperfections, and struggles. I took time to care for my happiness and spiritual pursuits. I started to have courage to let the genuine and true me shine through. Surprisingly, I found that my life actually became better with acknowledgement of my messy emotions and imperfections.

It is not easy and it takes a long time. Wherever you are with your own journey and continuum, know that you are already good, brave, and valuable enough!

Asian Mental Health Collective