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Primary Office Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Telehealth States Served: Kansas, Missouri
I strive to provide folks with access to therapy that is culturally-informed and honest.
Languages: English, Malay
Primary Office Location: Bend, Oregon
Telehealth States Served: Oregon
I am an Asian India/Desi/South Indian therapist with expertise in women's issues, including parenting, familial challenges, partnership and marriage, and workplace concerns. I am a certified clinical trauma professional who has seen hundreds of clients from our community and helped them successfully
Languages: Tamil, English, Hindi
Primary Office Location: California
Telehealth States Served: California
I am a Hong Kong born, associate marriage and family therapist that understand the challenges and difficulty as a minority living in the United States. I am aware of how generational trauma impacts mental health. Currently providing 15 mins free session and Telehealth for CA resident in 3 languages.
Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Primary Office Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Telehealth States Served: Massachusetts
I am a second-generation Korean-American counselor, my specialization is working with people struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, OCD and ADHD. I provide in-person and telehealth services depending on your preference and my availability.
Languages: English
Primary Office Location: Saline, Michigan
Telehealth States Served: Michigan, West Virginia
My clients are usually college/graduate students or millennial professionals dealing with anxiety, stress, and burn-out, and racial/cultural identity issues.
Languages: English
Primary Office Location: Webster, Texas
Telehealth States Served: Texas
As a trauma-informed mental health therapist, I specialize in helping individuals overcome fear, trauma, and anxiety.
Languages: English
Primary Office Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Telehealth States Served: North Carolina
My practice is inclusive to all, so come as you are. For adults who have experienced trauma, struggle with anxiety, face difficult life decisions, or had a loss, I develop a custom game plan to move forward. I empower you, equipping you with proven tools through talk therapy or EMDR.
Languages: English
Primary Office Location: Los Angeles, California
Telehealth States Served: California
Hi, my name is Lee. I work with adult children of immigrants and interracial/multicultural couples. I came from an Asian immigrant and multicultural background. I want to support my clients to find their new perspective and skills for healing journey. Thank you!
Languages: English, Korean
Primary Office Location: New York, New York
Telehealth States Served: New York
I am an NYC based therapist currently accepting new clients through telehealth. My work is client-centered and collaborative, and I approach therapy with a multicultural lens. I completed my M.A./Ed.M. in Mental Health Counseling at Columbia University.
Languages: English
Primary Office Location: Oakland, California
Telehealth States Served: California
The purpose of my practice is to help a diverse group of individuals tap into their inner wisdom to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment, connection, and liberation.
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