Kombai Nonnarath, Professional Counselor Associate

Sex/Gender: Female
Pronouns: She / Her
Ethnicity: Laotian

Hello, I’m so glad you are here! I’m Kombai. I hold a master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Couples Counseling from Portland State University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a special focus on early childhood education from California State University, East Bay.


As a bi-cultural Lao-born woman with ties to Buddhism and Shamanism, my unique background has profoundly influenced my perspective on diversity and collective liberation. Growing up in Oakland, California, I was deeply rooted in my family’s cultural heritage, which instilled in me a deep appreciation for communal systems, traditional cuisine, and reverence for the ecological systems of the natural world.


To further explore and expand my cultural horizons, I embarked on a journey abroad, living and working in diverse settings that challenged my own cultural norms. This cross-cultural experience significantly shapes my therapeutic approach today, as I actively celebrate diversity, honor individual differences, and embrace the beautiful nuances that make each person truly unique.


Upon my return to the United States, I resumed my mission by collaborating with community-based organizations. My focus remained on providing vital support and creating opportunities for BIPOC individuals, immigrants, and refugees. This endeavor involves offering employment, training, and career coaching services with the overarching goal of empowering and uplifting these communities.


Outside of my counseling work, I find immense joy in various activities such as dancing, playing the guitar, delving into philosophy and science, sharing heartwarming meals with loved ones, and seeking solace in the embrace of nature. These personal experiences fuel my passion for assisting others on their healing journeys, as I believe in the transformative power of connection, understanding, and self-discovery.



Philosophy: Existential



I believe in a philosophy that’s all about respecting your autonomy in how you navigate life. I hold no authority in prescribing how you should live, that is a personal journey only you can undertake. My role is more like a guiding light, illuminating the paths you wish to explore and offering assistance as you seek your own understanding.



Approach: Holistic



I use internal family systems (IFS) to acknowledge parts of you that may carry burdens inherited from your family or absorbed from your culture and society. Every person has self-energy – the positive qualities and inherent wisdom that, when accessed, contain answers for healing these wounded parts. My role is more like a guiding light, illuminating the paths you wish to explore and offering assistance as you seek your own understanding and growth.


Throughout our therapeutic journey, I may also incorporate a variety of other evidence-based techniques customized to your specific needs. These include mindfulness exercises, process work to delve into your inner world, a strength-based approach to build upon your inherent wisdom, exploration of your attachment styles, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and creative expressive arts. These invaluable tools are designed to help you navigate the depths of your psyche, open up new perspectives, and empower you to overcome the challenges you’re facing.




Private Pay: $ 130- $175 per 55-minute session.


Oregon Health Plan (OHP) – I accept Oregon Health Plan (OHP) under Health Share – Care Oregon. Please check your membership card to verify.


Sliding Scale: The sliding scale offers a minimum rate of $80.00, and there are five available spots at this lowest tier. Please inquire for more information.


How do we meet? – I currently offer only telehealth therapy.


I welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, including BIPOC individuals, LGBTQIA+ community members, and neurodivergent individuals.

License Number: R8518
License State: Oregon
Practice Information
Types of Insurance Accepted: Out of Network
Lotus Therapy Fund Provider: Yes
Portland, Oregon, United States
Therapy Offered
Types of Therapy
Integrative, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Existential Therapy, Gestalt
Trauma and PTSD, Self Esteem, Codependency, Spirituality, Grief, Life Transitions, Women's Issues, Emotion Regulation, Anxiety, Depression
Last modified: April 26, 2024

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