Mental Health Mukbang

Mental Health Mukbang is a video/podcast where we try to break down big mental health ideas into easily digestible sound bites. We hope to you'll join us for conversations that bring Asian culture and mental health to the table.


Ep. 18 Anxiety: Community Q&A

This week we're answering some questions we received from some of our community members in our Facebook group. We couldn't answer all of them but we hope that these answers give you a place to start thinking about and managing...

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Ep. 17 School Anxiety and You Pt. 2

This week we’re continuing our conversation on school anxiety. We explore a few more of the specifics regarding school anxiety and try our best to wrap up this big topic. Next week we’ll be answering some of the questions that the community has brought up, be sure to tune in to see if your questions...

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Ep. 16: How School Anxiety Affects Us

This week we’re continuing our conversations on anxiety, more specifically we focused on the anxieties of going back to school, especially in the times of covid. There was a lot to cover and we tried to cover a lot in this episode, but we’ll be back with part two of this conversation next week! AMHC...

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Ep. 15: How We Can Understand Anxiety

We took a break last week for self-care, but we’re back this week to discuss anxiety. We tried to cover most of the basics of anxiety, and we hope to address it more in depth in the future. If you have questions about anxiety, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. We’ll...

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Ep. 14: How We Can Practice Self-Care

With everything going on in the world, we decided that it would be a good time to address the issue of self-care. We share a few tips and personal ways that we’ve been addressing our own stress and negative emotions during this time. Please join us again next week as we talk explore the anxieties...

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Mental Health Mukbang Hosts

Christopher Vo, LMFT

Christopher Vo is an LMFT based out of Houston, Texas.

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Dr. Jenny Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Jenny Wang is a 1.5 generation Taiwanese American licensed psychologist in Texas and North Carolina.

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Jeanie Chang, LMFT

Jeanie Chang is a 2nd generation Korean American Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in North Carolina.

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Jedidiah Chun, AMFT

Jedidiah (Jed) Chun is a 2nd generation Chinese (Hong Kong) American in San Gabriel, CA.

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